Trailer Molding
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Rigid PVC Plastic Trailer Molding
8' white and off-white, 14' white and off-white

Rigid PVC Plastic Trailer Molding-Double Track
Double track allows panels to slide past each other.
Double Track - Wall, 8'
Double Track - Ceiling, 8'

Bright Anodized Aluminum Trailer Molding
16' lengths

Flex-A-RailŪ II
Flexible for easy installation around curves without heating. Non-corrosizve extruded PVC. Use speciality Flex-A-Rail Screws to install. Compatible with Keder Welt.
Sold in 45" lengths.

flexArail3 flexDriver1

Flex a rail is used as you would a standard vinyl or aluminum trailer molding. The benefit of Flex-A-Rail is that there is no flange. No flange means radical bends and compound curves can be made without notching. Flex-A-Rail can be cut with a standard hacksaw. Installation is easy by drilling holes to accommodate #6 screws every 4-12 inches through the center of the track. Screw down with #4 X 3/4" Stainless steel Flat head screws. (Double screws may be used at the ends if high load is anticipated) and your installation is complete. Flex-A-Rail is perfect for radar arches as it is standard equipment on many new boats.

Specialty screws for Flex-A-Rail are 3/4" long, #6 size thread, #4 head size and #0 square drive keep welting from getting hung up in the track. Use hex driver to install.

Marine Keder Welting
Heavy-duty, UV resistant woven polyester wrapped over a PVC core. It is easy to screw and won't tear out. Easily slides through Flex-A-Rail, various PVC track and aluminum molding. Available in 7.5 mm and 8.5 mm bead size including fabric. Flap is 20 mm wide. White and Black.