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A solution dyed woven acrylic, Sunbrella® is breathable, water repellant and resistant to mildew and UV. Sunbrella® features rich colors that are dyed to the core of their fibers, meaning the color will resist fading due to prolonged sun exposure and can’t wash out. Sunbrella fabrics remain beautiful for many years.

Premier Marine Fabric Collection
Sunbrella marine and awning fabrics have been engineered with outdoor shade applications in mind. These outdoor only fabrics are perfect for boat, home and RV awnings, biminis and dodgers, patio umbrellas and more.​

Stamoid® Fabrics

Stamoid is the most popular topping vinyl used on boats and super yachts. An extremely strong marine vinyl reinforced with high tenacity polyester. Stamoid Vinyl is completely waterproof, mildew resistant, rot resistant, dirt-resistant, flexible with tensile strength. Stamoid fabrics are easily cleanable, cool to sit under, folds and stores well, and makes a great looking product! The fabric’s lasting resistance to shrinkage sets it apart from other marine fabrics. Build the cover to fit and it will fit forever. See different weight characteristics below.

Sea Mark™

Sunbrella® has combined their acrylic woven fabric on the top side and waterproofed it with a textured marine grade vinyl on the backside to make a perfect fabric for marine and patio applications. Traditionally an awning fabric, SeaMark is used as a shade and cover fabric as well. Seamark offers the look and feel of marine fabric with the durability of vinyl. This exceptional outdoor performance fabric has superior water resistance, UV resistance and cleanability. Available in a variety of solids and tweeds it offers exceptional resistance to UV, mildew, rot and atmospheric chemicals. Sea Mark™ is excellent for boat tops, boat covers, Tonneau covers and more.

Sunbrella® Care Instructions

Sunbrella® solids feature a soil-and-stain resistant finish that makes cleanup a breeze.

Spot wash by sponging briskly with a solution of natural soap in lukewarm water below 100 Degrees F. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap and then air dry.

For stubborn stains or suntan lotion, use fabric spot remover. Follow the directions on the container. Rinse thoroughly with clean water & air dry.

Solution-dyed acrylic does not promote mildew growth. However, mildew may grow on dirt & other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric To clean mildew stains, prepare a mild solution of one cup bleach and two capfuls of natural soap per gallon of water. Spray on entire area and allow to soak in. If necessaary, scrub vigorously with a sponge or clean rag. Sponge thoroughly with clean water & air dry.

After a few seasons your canvas may need waterproofing which can restore the performance of your top to it’s original. When it’s time for waterproofing, the best type of sealant is a waterbased product. 3M makes a great one step in a can solution. Remember to thoroughly clean & dry before applying sealant.

In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years. We’ll be glad to clean and re-waterproof your canvas for you. For a free quote please contact us at 954-763-7423.

For more extensive Sunbrella® care instructions visit

Stamoid® Fabric Details & Care

Stamoid Vinyl 12.7oz
Stamoid 12.7 oz is vinyl coated on both sides for excellent tear strength and easy cleaning on both sides. It also folds well for storing. The best marine vinyl in the world. The extra layer of vinyl on the underside makes for the extra weight over the 8 oz product.
Available in 59″ and 80″ canvas widths.
54.7 yds. roll length for 59″ goods
27.3 yds. roll length for 80″ goods

Stamoid Vinyl 8.3oz
The 8.3 oz. Stamoid is super light and yet strong. It holds up well and is very easily folded & stowed.
59″ canvas width, 54yds. roll length

Stamoid® Care Instructions

Although Stamoid has been treated with anti-mildew agents, this protection does not offer absolute safety against fungal attack. To further prevent mildew buildup, the fabric should not be folded when wet or damp.

Stamoid Exterior Marine Products should be cleaned of any dirt buildup at regular intervals (at least twice per year). We recommend to apply a mild, lukewarm soap solution, such as liquid dishwashing soap, with a soft brush or sponge. Let the soap stand for a short period of time but do not allow the soap to dry. The fabric must then be carefully rinsed with clear water in order to remove any remaining soap residue. Allow the vinyl to dry thoroughly, then reuse or fold and store. The use of abrasive detergents and/or substances containing solvents or gasoline will damage the vinyl coating and/or fabric. If using high-pressure or steam-cleaning devices, use caution as improper use could damage the vinyl coating and/or fabric.

While the thin vinyl coating of Stamoid Exterior Marine Products is optimal for the intended purpose, it is sensitive to excessive mechanical strain. Pulling the fabric over sharp edges or rough surfaces must be avoided. The same applies to placing the fabric on rough surfaces and then walking over it. In folded state, the folding corners are overstretched and therefore particularly sensitive to friction and abrasion.

Seamark Fabric Details

Sunbrella® SeaMark® often referred to as their Premier Marine Fabric Collection, it is an exceptional outdoor marine performance fabric with superior water resistance, UV resistance and cleanability. Sunbrella marine fabrics feature a tight weave construction and a heavy finish. This tight weave gives the fabric a stiff feel to the touch. The stiffness gives them great dimensional stability, which is great for awnings and covers, but it also makes them a bit stiff to sit on, which is why they’re not recommended for cushions and upholstery. The exception is cockpit cushions, in which you would want a stiffer fabric that is extremely abrasion resistant. Available in a wide variety of solids and stripes. SeaMark colors are compatible with the Sunbrella upholstery fabric collection and available in
60″ wide, approx. 50 yard rolls.

Seamark Care Instructions

SeaMark Care and Cleaning: Although the fabric does not promote mildew growth by itself, mildew may develop on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed. This is especially true in warm, humid, dark environments. A program of keeping the fabric clean through regular washings, before it gets dirty, will enhance the life and beauty of the acrylic and make successive cleaning easier. Hand washing in shade or partial shade, not direct sunlight, is best. Do not use detergent. Bird and tree droppings, as well as other loose particle soils, should be removed immediately. Vacuum with a brush attachment and rinse thoroughly with water to remove loose particle soils. This will also prevent the soils from being redeposited during the cleaning process. Washing with soap (i.e. Ivory or Lux) and warm water is safe. Air dry.

Because Seamark is a Sunbrella® acrylic woven fabric on the top side, and a marine grade vinyl on the backside., never put Seamark fabrics in your dryer.

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