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Custom Boats Covers That Fit

Yachts of all sizes, whether power or sail, will benefit from our marine covers that maximize use and protect your investment. Durable Sunbrella® boat canvas can withstand lots of abuse from sun, wind, and salt water to minimize maintenance and corrosion. We use U-V thread to ensure longevity for all our canvas boat covers.

Sail Covers, Dingy Covers and the Tonneau Cover are most obvious uses for boat covers, but you might consider Windshield Covers, Settee Covers, Cockpit Covers, Center Console Covers, Instrument and Equipment Marine Covers to cover boat.

Custom Boat Enclosures That Fit

Boat enclosures protect us from the elements and extend our living space. These include Full Hard Tops, T-Top Enclosure, “U”-Zips, Frowns and more. Any configuration you can imagine, we can fabricate.

Each custom enclosure is made to order regardless of size. Our installations fit because we take the extra time to make a pattern for every job we do. Our installations work because we communicate with our customers. Our choice of Sunbrella® marine canvas and marine vinyl is based on 30 years of seeing how these perform. Details take our installations to a higher level of quality, strength and durability. We use U-V thread to ensure longevity for all our canvas enclosures. And, we deliver boat enclosures on time and on budget!

FAQ Powerboat Canvas Projects

The more our motor yacht customers know about how we build their custom canvas projects the happier they are with the results. These are just a few of the questions you might have. Our FAQ’s are different on every page. If you have a sailboat project question visit the sailboat page. For upholstery answers visit the upholstery page. There are different questions on the home page as well.

We’re here to answer your questions.


What makes your powerboat canvas products better?
  • We choose suitable boat cover material for each project. Fabrics described as waterproof are usually vinyl, vinyl-coated, laminated, heavy, and aren’t breathable, so we use them only where appropriate.
  • The breadth of our project designs allows us to offer customers alternative solutions they may never have considered.
What is Makrolon and Lexan?

These materials are polycarbonate which is a very tough, high impact plastic material. They are two of the most frequently used see-through plastics both stronger and lighter than untempered glass.

Makrolon has impressive clarity. You can see in some of our photos you can’t tell the window has a covering. In this photo, we have left the backing just to show makrolon was put on.

How do you choose between Makrolon and Lexan?
  • We choose the see through polycarbonate suitable for each application. For instance, some enclosure panels need to be open, which requires the polycarbonate to roll. Lexan does not have the clarity of Makrolon, but it can be rolled.
  • A solution to using Makrolon for an opening section is to hinge it, as shown in this photo.

My plexiglass boat windows are crazing. What can I do to protect them?

Plexiglas windows and hatch covers are subject to breakdown by the sun. Window covers do double duty. They keep the sun from damaging your window and the interior of your boat while keeping the interior cooler. We use a vinyl mesh fabric which is a highly effective sun shield without obstructing visibility. When visibility is not a concern we use solid Sunbrella® fabric.

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