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Dodgers & Bimini’s Gallery

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Enclosures & Covers

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Dodgers & Bimini Tops

The essential boat canvas for southern boating. We’ve designed every imaginable sailboat bimini boat top and power boat bimini top configuration. We’ve even installed one on a barge. Extend your bimini boat top from dodger or aft cockpit. Even extend it forward of the flybridge. Add boat enclosures and sunshades for even more protection from the elements. Check out our 23 foot bimini top which we put on a yacht in Dubai.

Having our own metal fabrication shop allows us unlimited design construction capabilities. Our metal fabricators can create a custom frame for any unique requirement or extraordinary solution.

Custom Boat Enclosures That Fit

Sailboat enclosures are unique. Primarily they extend our living space and protect us from the elements. But, on top of that thay have to provide access to a myriad of lines, sheets, and controls. Any configuration you can imagine, we can fabricate. View our gallery and see our many solutions.

Regardless of sailboat size, each enclosure is made to fit the sailors lifestyle. Our installation designs work because we know what sailors need, then we discuss requirements specific to each owner. Our choice of fabric, marine vinyl, and poly something…. is based on 30 years of seeing how each performs. Together, attention to these details take our installations to a higher level of quality, strength and durability. And, we deliver boat enclosures on time and on budget!

FAQ Sailboat Canvas Projects

The more our customers know about how we build their custom sailboat canvas projects the happier they are with the results. Here are just a few of the questions you might have. Our FAQ’s are different on every page. If you have a powerboat project question visit the powerboat page. For upholstery answers visit the upholstery page.

We’re here to answer your questions.


What makes your sailboat canvas products better?
  • Our attention to detail sets us apart from other marine canvas fabricators. Like making a pattern for all projects for custom fit fit and stitching seams with UV thread for durability.
  • We recommend the appropriate fabric or see through polycarbonate for each application. For instance, some sailboat enclosure panels need to be open, which requires the polycarbonate to roll. Lexan does not have the clarity of Makrolon, but it can be rolled easily.

What is Makrolon and Lexan?

These materials are polycarbonate which is a very tough, high impact plastic material. They are two of the most frequently used see-through plastics both stronger and lighter than untempered glass.

How can my bimini provide more shade when I’m at anchor or the dock?

Adding a sun shield of vinyl mesh to your bimini will extend the use of your boat and can be rolled up when underway. Vinyl mesh provides a 70%-90% shade factor and blocks 86% of solar radiation while still allowing light to filter through. Solid fabric Sunbrella® is also used for window covers and hatch covers when visibility is not a concern.

Our folding bike is difficult to stow. How can you help us?

Here is a bag we made to keep a bike neat for easy storage. Just give us the gear you want to store in a bag and our team designs for compact usability, ease of use, and protection.

Our sailboats halyard stops jam once they get dirty. What do you protect them dirt and weather?

Here are two solutions. One is part of an enclosure and the other is a deck cover. View our galleries for many more solutions.


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